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How do I fundraise for Paw Party?

Register here and create your own personalised fundraising page to facilitate donations from your supporters. You will then engage with family and friends, and let them know the difference their donations will make for Tasmanians living with disability and illness.

To make this easier, we have developed some templates for you to use when you are approaching your contacts to support you. The more money you raise; the more impact you will make to the lives of Tasmanians in need.

What apps can I use for Paw Party?

There are many group chat apps you can choose from depending on the size of your party. Some suggestions are Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype & House Party depending on the size of your party.

How do I let my family & friends know I am hosting a Paw Party?

Get social and spread the word by using Facebook & Instagram. Update your cover photos on Facebook with our downloadable resources. Set your party date, create a virtual event page on Facebook and invite your family, friends and pets. In the lead up to your party start sharing posts

You can follow Guide Dogs Tasmania on Facebook & Instagram for inspirational posts to share. Tag Guide Dogs Tasmania in your posts with @guidedogstasmania and with the hashtags #pawparty2020 #PAWPARTY and #guidedogstasmania when posting your best pet selfies!

What can I do to entertain my guests at my Paw Party?

There are heaps of features in groups chat apps, some have special effects and multiplayer games.

When you know how many people are coming to your party you can start thinking of some games or activities that you might like to do.

Don’t forget this is the PURRfect opportunity to show off your talented pet. Can they do some cool tricks? Who has the silliest pet? The laziest? The most hyperactive?